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September 2021 highlights

Entering a virtual world — Ralph Lauren has joined the animated 3D avatars of 200 million people in the virtual world of Zepeto to sell its iconic apparel at a fraction of the real-world cost. 

Betting big on virtual try-on — Gap Inc. is acquiring Drapr, a company that enables shoppers to see how different size clothes look in 3D on avatars with their body measurements. 

Worsening supply chain woes — Covid lockdowns in Vietnam have disrupted manufacturing and could cause shortages for some major brands that rely on factories there.

Improving fashion design — Embodee’s Orchids web platform for collaboratively designing apparel has added new features to make working with prints and graphics and creating many variants easier and faster. 

By the numbers — Browzwear secures $35 million for growth, Adidas sells Reebok for $2.5 billion, and Trove Recommerce gets $77.5 million to help brands capitalize on apparel resale.


August 2021 highlights

Good financial news — U.S. shoppers spent $8.9 billion more on apparel and shoes in June compared to May. That news is part of a wave of positive industry financial developments.

Nike sues sneaker customizers — The company, a pioneer in enabling shoppers to customize select shoes, has gone to court to stop two firms that customize Nikes for resale.

A look at 3D knitwear — A worthwhile primer on this high-tech, on-demand manufacturing method for knitwear examines its advantages and challenges, plus what the future might hold.

Climate-change threat — Cornell University researchers have concluded that by 2030, rising sea levels could flood thousands of apparel suppliers in Southeast Asia.

Thumbs up from beta users — The companies testing Embodee’s new Orchids web platform, which revolutionizes the way 3D apparel products are developed, continue to give us high marks.


July 2021 highlights

Bright outlook for apparel spending ​​— Back-to-school sales, critical to shaking off pandemic-induced fiscal woes, are expected to increase 78.2% from July 15 through September.

The rise of AI — From predicting what clothes you want now or in the future to displaying them online to show how garments look on models, AI is quietly changing the industry.

Retailers and marketplace model — A potentially transformative shift in the business model for retail sales of luxury and fashion products online appears to be accelerating.

By the numbers — The resale market is forecast to soar 114% in the next five years to $77 billion, the GOAT Group reaches a $3.7 billion valuation, and Nike sets its sights on earning $50 billion annually.

Embodee news — In the latest update of our Orchids web platform, we’ve added more comment tools and zoom functions. We also look back at our development of patented virtual try-on technology.



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