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January 2021 highlights

Livestream shopping taking off? Livestream shopping was a phenomenal success in China and other Asian countries in 2020. Could it become a force this year in the U.S. and elsewhere? 

Heavyweights offer virtual fit — The marketing clout of Amazon and Nike may finally give technology solutions for trying on clothes a substantial foodhold in online shopping, reducing costly returns.

Improved digital interactions — There’s no disputing the data: online shopping boomed in 2020. But shoppers are demanding more sophisticated digital interactions from fashion brands.

Adidas boosts sustainability The company has promised that more than 60% of its products will be made with sustainable materials in 2021, including recycled polyester and sustainably grown cotton.

From sameness to irreverent Comfy work-at-home attire was the uniform early in the pandemic, but a rebellion brought a return to individualized style that included “kooky self-expression.

Orchids™ platform’s latest milestone — The web platform, which integrates nearly all aspects of developing 3D apparel and footwear online, now enables easy sharing of digital product collections.


December 2020 highlights

$5 trillion circular economy — There will be a huge payoff, a new report shows, if the fashion industry shifts to reusing and recycling all materials to protect the economy and curtail carbon emissions. 

Hope for luxury goods — Amid the bleak, pandemic-driven financial news for sales of luxury goods, silver linings have emerged. They include global losses in the lower range of a key forecast and surging sales in China. 

Ralph Lauren and “digital-first” — The company has added digital technology features to engage more holiday shoppers. Among them is scanning its iconic logo via Snapchat to unlock augmented-reality experiences.

Going digital the Orchids™ way Fashion industry players in 19 countries gave Embodee high marks for the first in a series of webinars about our new Orchids™ web platform, which is in limited beta release.

Product innovation — 3D foot scans using an iPhone for shoe fittings, a plant-based brewed protein that augments sweater yarn, and a plant-based 4-in-1 shoe that converts into four different styles.

By the numbers — E-commerce sales boost Gap and Adidas, Ann Taylor and three other chains have a new owner thanks to a $540 million bankruptcy sale, and 5 billion fewer pairs of shoes will be sold this year.



November 2020 highlights


5G boost for digital fashion display — The advent of the much-faster wireless network technology means seamless video streaming and vivid 3D displays of garments and models in immersive settings.

Big milestone for Embodee — Our new Orchids™ web-based platform has advanced into limited beta release. The platform, available anytime and anywhere, integrates nearly all aspects of digital product creation and development.

Is Adidas selling Reebok? — News reports say the sale is under consideration, sparking speculation that Adidas may try to buy sustainable footwear brand Allbirds as part of its focus on the environment.

Product innovation — Learn more about Allbirds branching out into clothing with t-shirts made with crab shells, solar-heated jackets from Columbia, and cool new shoes from Adidas and Converse.

By the numbers — Under Armour reported higher-than-expected earnings of $1.4 billion, Levi’s says online revenue grew 52%, and $286 million in face mask sales accounted for 11% of Etsy’s earnings.


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