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October 2020 highlights

Forecasts for future apparel sales McKinsey & Company analysts say sales in North America are expected to fall 20% to 30% this year from 2019 levels and 10% to 25% in 2021 when compared to 2019.

Benefits of on-demand manufacturing — A niche brand’s business model shows how apparel companies can more easily change product lines and eliminate unneeded inventory and waste.

Dressing in high style in the virtual world — Gucci, along with other luxury brands, is making a major bet that its virtual-only designs, such as a $9,500 digital dress, will have the same cachet that they do in the physical world.

Integrating virtual 3D products with PLMs — Writing for WhichPLM, Embodee examines how PLM systems could maximize the benefits of 3D assets by connecting to cloud-based solutions like our soon-to-launch Orchids™ web platform.

Big numbers that caught our attention — Nike’s online sales soared, the industry is drowning in excess inventory, digital birth certificates are planned for millions of products, and more consumers feel comfortable returning to physical stores. 


September 2020 highlights


See how Embodee is about to help the industry — Watch the first installment in an upcoming series of videos to learn about our new Orchids™ web platform, which launches later this year. The platform will accelerate product development, make collaboration easy, and enable faster sales.

Expected holiday e-commerce surge poses a challenge — With 66% of consumers forecast to shop online later this year, will fulfillment and transportation services keep up and deliver orders on time?

Amazon’s foray into luxury fashion sales coming this month  Keen on gaining a foothold in high-end apparel and footwear,  the company will unveil a new virtual store platform for partners.

Learn the variables behind best performances among retailers No retailer has escaped economic pain from the coronavirus. How much pain, though, depends on many variables. 

Where fashion brands, individuals sell in support of circularity Depop has emerged as the leading marketplace where luxury brands sell their creations online alongside random thrift store finds. 

Tapestry’s digital push helps add one million customers — The owner of Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman racked up triple-digit growth in online sales in North America in the most recent quarter.


August 2020 highlights

Cotton field.jpg

Traditional luxury brands finally upping their digital game — COVID-19 has pushed some high-end brands to focus more on e-commerce sales, and they’ve seen online revenue grow.

Online portal launching to help U.S. fashion designers — The Council of Fashion Designers of America has developed an online portal that will help designers manage, publicize, and sell their collections.

Scientists trying to grow colorful cotton to eliminate toxic dyes — If Australian scientists are successful, toxic dyes won’t be needed to color cotton fabric, eliminating a major source of pollution.

Apparel retailers turn to curbside pickup to increase sales — Battling to regain business during the pandemic, retailers increasingly are luring shoppers with curbside pickup for online orders.

How recovering China is faring as other countries struggle — A Q&A with the head of the China National Garment Association offers a broad assessment of a country pivotal to the global industry’s health.

Technology challenge: 3D fashion and lack of interoperability — Writing for a leading online industry magazine, Embodee has examined this key issue as digitization expands.