Render, Share, Embed
How do you bring others into the process to help you supercharge your DPC, or to show off your designs easily? The answer is better, more efficient access to product renders, and easier sharing throughout the design process. What if you want to embed your 3D models into your sell-in tool or ecommerce site?


Embodee’s platform makes rendering 3D product images dead simple for anything from in-house sell-in to social media to e-commerce. Plus, you can export products images as individual, turntable, or whole set views—in just a few clicks.


If you need to share 3D designs with stakeholders inside and outside your company, just have Embodee’s platform generate a link. From any web browser, recipients of this link can view designs—no special software to install and learn, and no need to have direct access to the Embodee web platform. And with link expiration dates, you can maintain control over how long people have access to your products.

Need deeper collaboration? Embodee gives people outside your organization advanced capabilities by inviting them to designs directly. Then you can grant them the ability to create and save variants, and add comments to specific parts of products for everyone to see.


Want to display 3D models on any site yourself? With just one click, you can create HTML embed code to insert your 3D product on any website.