API (3rd party integrations)

Embodee’s customers and partners can use our REST APIs to create custom workflow solutions and app integrations. Authentication, product catalogs, product renderings, Library assets, and other critical product data can be accessed through our API. This can be used for downstream purposes such as automation, PLM integration, e-commerce solutions, and other B2B or B2C sales tools. API documentation is available upon request. 

We’ve also developed a powerful integration with swatchbook, the industry leader in digital material sourcing and management. With it, you can leverage digital material assets stored within online swatchbook collection repositories. These assets allow Embodee Users to display materials, true to scale, on any product in full 3D. 

In addition, the Embodee platform’s Products and Spaces are fully embeddable into any web-based experience. This capability gives an unlimited number of customers or prospects full access to any product design in beautiful and interactive 3D. 

Embeddable 3D Viewer