Access control is about more than just security. It’s also about making sure the right people have the right permissions so each gets the right experience.

That starts with keeping your designs in the right hands. Embodee’s web platform gives you granular access controls to make sure each team member can access exactly what they need—and nothing that they don’t. Grant access by Product Line, User, or customer, and easily give everyone the permissions that are right for them.

Plus, you can share links to individual products for simplified viewing, or to a Space where others can collaborate on entire product collections. Once they’ve got access, collaborators can add comments, @ mentions and view feedback from the rest of the team in real time. It’s the kind of deep, efficient collaboration that engages stakeholders and removes the disjointed miscommunication that inevitably arises when feedback lives in overlong email threads. With Embodee’s web platform, you get clear, threaded conversations that sit on designs, keeping confusion to a minimum.