Tips & Tricks

01: How to Add a Print to a Product

Upload your prints, apply them to 3D apparel designs, adjust scale and placement; and get instant feedback with just a few clicks.

02: How To Create a Variant

Create new product renderings fast and allow many to collaborate and develop product variations without the 3D expertise.

03: How to Manage Product Lighting and Scene Setup

Embodee’s Product lighting and scene setup allows Users to control lighting, environments, color calibrations, and more! Deliver high-quality assets in a heartbeat.

04: How to Communicate with Your Team

Embodee’s platform allows Users to easily add on-product comments and @mentions for instant communication and decision making between internal and external stakeholders.

05: How to Create Detail Views

Special detail views can be created to focus attention on important features in a product. This is useful to highlight specific attributes when presenting your 3D products to your team.

06: How to Add a Graphic to a Product

Upload, position, scale, and apply your graphics to any 3D product instantly. Add surface effects such as embroidery, screen prints, patches and other application types in seconds. 

07: How to Modify Variants in a Space

Update your 3D products quickly in Embodee’s visual DAM, either for a working session with your team or a presentation with your customer. Anyone, around the world can view, comment and interact with 3D apparel designs from any browser.

08: How to Embed a Space to your Website

The Embodee platform’s Spaces allow teams to gather ideas, files and inspirations but also to easily present curated product lines and engage their buyers. See how easy it is to embed your Space to your website.

09: How to Share Products via Links

Share your products via links with any stakeholder inside or outside your organization. Everyone can have instant access, be on the same page and engage with products simultaneously, all in one place, online!

10: How to Share a Gridwall of Products

Use Tags to search, quickly find, and share your #3D Products with your team or customers for their input and approval. Embodee helps organizations communicate, collaborate, and share key assets with stakeholders and internal users, effortlessly, online. 

11: How to Embed Your Products on Your Website

Embedding 3D product renderings on your website is easy! Embodee’s platform generates an HTML Code that Users can insert into any webpage. Viewers get a rotating and interactive product render plus all the product variants.

12: How to Add Users to Embodee's Platform

Embodee’s platform lets you quickly and easily invite and manage Pro Users and Collaborators. Pro Users are responsible for design reviews, presentations, and designing manufacturable products. Collaborators are unlimited, have access to 3D models and Spaces, and provide input in the digital product creation process. 

13: How to Add Colors & Materials to the Library

Centralize all your 3D and 2D assets in Embodee’s platform. Easily access all you need, create sets, copy and paste between product lines and work with ease in our Library.

14: How to Make Prints & Graphics Colorizable

Easily make your prints and graphics colorizable! Multiple Users have the power to build sets or apply prints and graphics to 3D models and together create new variants, in one place.

15: How To Manage User Interface

The Create tab makes it easy for all Users to work together in one place regardless of their expertise. Product leads can create an intuitive and easy to use interface to allow their teams from design to sales & marketing to easily interact and build new product variants in 3D (online!). 

16: How to Create your Own Graphic Effect Preset

Creating graphic effects from scratch in Embodee’s web platform is easy. Simply upload your texture file, apply it to your 3D product and voila!

17: How to Apply Effects to Your Library

Leverage the Embodee platform’s Library and apply many types of graphic effects like foil, glitter, iridescent, embroidery, flock, cracked, plastisol & others to your 3D products. Anyone, regardless of their expertise, can collaborate to create beautiful designs online with Embodee.

18: How to Optimize 3D Files

Getting optimized versions of 3D models has never been easier. Embodee’s platform has built-in downloading capabilities, complete with easy to use presets, that make optimizing 3D models extra simple. Use your lighter models in e-commerce, digital or virtual showrooms and the Metaverse, among others.

19: How to Leverage Materials in the Embodee Platform's Library

Our platform’s Library makes it easy to work faster with your team, online. Users can add materials to 3D products, create sets, copy and paste them across Product Lines in seconds. Leverage the platform’s Materials, integrate with Swatchbook Materials, or upload your own.

20: How to Combine Components into a Group

Getting products ready for variant creation is a piece of cake with the Embodee web platform! Embodee allows Pro Users to make it easy for all Collaborators – regardless of their expertise – to apply colors, prints, graphics and materials to your 3D products and create variants in seconds.

21: How to Create Beautiful Presentations with Spaces

Improve your presentations and engage your buyers! Customize your Spaces with notes, backgrounds, text, files and images to gather ideas and create polished presentations. Easily add 3D products in your Space that will be automatically updated as you change them to ensure you always have up-to-date designs on all your boards.

22: How to Add Colors to my Library using an ASE file

Embodee allows designers — regardless of 3D skill or background— to maintain consistent and cohesive color schemes throughout their projects. Easily import your color libraries to our web platform by exporting an ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) file from your 2D design tool of choice and apply them to any product instantly, without having to rely on your 3D designer.

23: How to Duplicate a Product

Duplicate 3D products for easy management and backup. Copy and paste individual assets, or the entire Library, to other Product Lines. Leverage your assets across customers, buyers or manufactures more efficiently! Communicate, collaborate and share key processes internally and externally in a faster and easier way.