Sharing assets across projects shouldn’t be a chore. That’s why we built the Embodee Library—to make reusing colors, materials, prints, graphics, and effects easy.

Adding assets to Embodee’s Library makes it a powerful repository for materials—one where they’re easy to find and use on any 3D product you or others are designing. Any materials included in an imported 3D model can be saved into the Library for immediate or future use. Importing individual assets from desktop authoring software? Embodee’s platform also gives you the ability to easily bring in:

  • Color swatches from Illustrator and Photoshop ASE exports
  • Prints and graphics from all over prints (AOPs)
  • Materials from U3M or XTEX files

Got assets in one product line that you could use in another? The Embodee platform’s Library makes it easy to copy & paste individual assets, asset categories, or entire libraries from one product line to another. You’ll find prints and graphics available as materials that maintain accompanying maps and parameters when you copy them.

And to make reusing assets as simple as possible, the Embodee platform’s Library is automatically created for every organization. In each, you’ll find trims like buttons, zippers, and denim fades that can easily be applied to any product created for the organization. Plus, preloaded graphic effects including foil, glitter, iridescent, embroidery, flock, cracked, and plastisol let you generate and showcase new looks quickly and easily.