How Embodee Helps Merchandisers

Take a more active role in apparel design, and get the products that you need for sell-in.

Merchandisers play a critical role in getting the right amount of product—and the right variations—onto shelves, both physical and virtual. But that means relying on an often slow and mistake-prone process. Your feedback, by the time it gets back to the developers, could be misinterpreted or lost. And getting revisions is a nerve-wracking waiting game.

Embodee’s web platform puts an end to this game of telephone by giving you direct access to products and collections. You can easily provide design input and create variants in one place where everyone on the team is working simultaneously. Plus, creating and presenting product lines is simple.

How does it work?

  • Easily communicate and collaborate by commenting on products right on 3D renderings that anyone can view.
  • Present entire lineups with Spaces, a digital canvas built to help you plan, gather, create, and collaborate.
  • Reduce the need for samples—and the expense of producing and shipping them—by viewing high-fidelity 3D renderings online.