How Embodee Helps 2D Designers

Visualize your latest prints and graphics on 3D products—without calling in favors from the 3D team.

The traditional interaction between 2D graphic designers and 3D apparel designers has been a game of ping pong. 2D creates a graphic or a print, throws the file over, waits while 3D puts it in place. Then the ball bounces back to 2D, who makes notes on placement and scale, and kicks it back over to 3D. And so on and so on until the design’s ready to present to the whole team. It’s a whole lot of back and forth, and a whole lot of wasted time.

Now you, as a graphic designer, can bring your prints and graphics into Embodee’s web platform, apply them to 3D apparel designs, adjust scale and placement, and get instant feedback with just a few clicks.  Embodee empowers your brilliant graphics work, while lightening the load for your 3D teams.

How does it work?

Embodee lets you work on products more efficiently. With Embodee’s web platform as part of your digital apparel design process, you can:

  • Import prints and graphics so graphic designers can now place their work directly  on any 3D design.
  • Create variants by applying 2D graphic creations and adjusting their placement and scale in real time.
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders easily, with tools that allow anyone to add feedback and share ideas for variants.