Embodee’s platform gives Users the power to easily apply prints and graphics to 3D models and quickly create new product variants. Any team member—regardless of skill or background—can use our web platform to visualize colors, materials, prints, and graphics on their products in seconds. This frees 3D technical designers from variant production work, so they can focus on creating new products.

Change materials and colors.

Just a few clicks, and you can easily create new color-ups or see what alternate materials will look like. Easily import additional colors and materials or create new ones right inside Embodee’s platform.

Apply prints and graphics.

Upload, position, and scale prints and graphics—then apply them to any product instantly, without having to rely on your 3D designer. It’s apparel design built for designers and non-3D people alike.

Instantly add graphic effects.

Take advantage of preloaded graphics effects including foil, glitter, embroidery, flock, cracked, and plastisol. Or create your own by uploading graphics and defining effects like stitches, grain, or texture with our Detail Maps feature. Whichever effects you use, they can be adjusted to fine-tune looks and give you a better idea of what will be produced at the factory.

Customize lighting.

All 3D products are set into a lit scene, bringing them to life in renders. Embodee’s web platform features seven high-quality lighting setups to select from. Each lets you control different aspects of product scenes like lighting environments, color calibrations, turntable views, and detailed views. Give each product or variant its own lighting setup to create accurate 3D product views and better showcase different fabrics and details. Colors can be adjusted further with lightness, shadows, and gamma controls. Need a custom lighting setup? Embodee puts the power in your hands to create exactly the composition you need.

Build product collections.

Assemble product lines in an unlimited canvas that automatically updates as you make changes to individual products. Plus, customize them with text, notes, backgrounds, files, and images for planning, presentation, and organization.

Let anyone contribute.

Work with design components just by dragging, dropping, and grouping. Using built-in tools, multiple people can develop and adjust look and feel across entire product lines—even simultaneously—for shorter design cycles and scalable digital product creation. Plus, commenting and @mention features allow everyone to provide feedback on the designs and keep others in the loop.