3D File Processing

Creating optimized versions of 3D models has never been so easy. No matter what you need your 3D assets for, Embodee’s web platform has built-in exporting capabilities, complete with easy to use presets, that make optimizing 3D model deployments a snap.

The platform also gives you optional granular controls over how assets will be optimized for publication via three optimization parameters designed to balance download quality and file size. Depending on where you want to take your models – Desktop, Mobile – or whether you want to optimize for maximum quality vs smallest size – you can achieve your goals by using these parameters.

Draco compression. Make use of the popular open source algorithm for compressing 3D meshes. You’ll improve the storage and transmission of 3D files without visible degradation to the model geometry.

Texture resolution. Optimize variant textures—materials, prints and graphics—for smaller files sizes. With Embodee’s platform, you can set maximum texture resolutions to 2,000, 1,000, or 512 px.

Geometry resolution. Get smaller output files by taking advantage of optimized geometries. Adjust the percentage of your source files’ geometry, and get assets with the ideal balance of visual fidelity and file size.