How Embodee Helps Manufacturers

Help partners maintain quality by keeping tabs on design progress and easily make adjustments as needed.


Manufacturing apparel is where many hours of planning, design, and revision come to a head. Often, as design nears completion, manufacturing raises issues, keeping your head designer and pattern makers on high alert. Every fit, pattern, and material needs to ultimately be right, or everyone could be in for some costly second runs.

Embodee visualizes products for everyone, and thus the perfect platform for bridging the gap between designers and manufacturers. When issues arise, manufacturing can give immediate feedback directly on the product, cutting out miscommunication. And if you’re creating customizable products, Embodee’s platform lets you establish manufacturing recipes to ensure finished products match your orders to a T. So whether you’re working with a technical designer, pattern maker, production manager, or brand liaison, Embodee’s platform is the one place where everyone can stay up to speed

How does it work?

  • Get product specs directly from the platform where client teams collaborate on and finalize products.
  • Ensure fidelity as products go into production with automatically generated Recipes that make it easy to translate digital designs into physical apparel.
  • Set up options for product designs with Rules that can be applied and modified as needed.