The Spaces digital canvas supercharges your work with powerful 3D capabilities.

Centralizing and viewing 3D and 2D assets is as easy as uploading them into Embodee’s platform, where they’ll be at the ready whenever you need them. In our Digital Asset Management tool, every team member can access and view up-to-date versions from any browser. Plus, they can search for specific assets and filter tagged products to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

Spaces is a digital canvas that helps you plan, gather, create, and collaborate—and bring together the work that matters. Imagine one place where your team can dream up new ideas, curate the perfect product assortment, and present with panache. And as you create new 3D versions of designs, they can be contributed to a Space—where you or anyone else can instantly view them from all angles.

Want to see what an entire product lineup looks like? With Spaces, it’s easy to collect sets of 3D products and Embodee-generated variants that automatically update as you make changes to individual products. Plus, you can customize your Spaces with notes, backgrounds, and images to gather ideas and create polished presentations.

No matter what kind of assets you need to find or view—3D or 2D—or what authoring tools your team uses, Spaces works with them effortlessly. Materials, prints, graphics, CAD designs, files, and other assets are supported, so your team can centralize everything.