Configuration Rules Setup

Customization is popular, but it’s like an iceberg: The top is easy to see and use, but there are tremendous complexities below the surface. An accurate, high-quality, rules-bound—yet still powerful—configurator in place has always been very hard and expensive to implement. Until now. With our product configurator, you can give others the power to customize products—without designs spinning out of control. And without requiring a large IT project that can run into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to implement at scale. 

Our web platform allows you to easily set up products and then use conditional rules for tight control of allowable design choices and manufacturability.

This lets you keep customization under your control in the Embodee platform’s 3D Configurator, which you can embed in the website of your choice. You’ll have the power to maintain and update your 3D products, with Embodee serving as an admin tool pushing updates as needed.

If user configurable text options are on your menu, dynamic text capabilities (beta) let you add per-piece lettering with powerful font options. This grants your buyers the ability to give each ordered piece a personalized look.