How Embodee Helps Partners

Integrate various production systems to eliminate duplicate efforts and help everyone work more efficiently.

Apparel design can be a big operation. Producing even the simplest t-shirt can involve a complex network of apparel designers, software, and manufacturers. With so many factors coming into play, there are numerous points of failure where the system can break down. Getting control over as much of the process is downright critical for success.

Luckily, there’s Embodee’s web platform. It connects 3D authoring tools, PLMs, materials tools, designers, print companies—practically everyone and everything that helps make apparel. Any number of players can use Embodee to join the digital production creation process, communicate, collaborate, and share—getting more done and getting products to market faster.

How does it work?

  • Open your design process by allowing everyone from merchandisers and designers to marketers and salespeople to collaborate.
  • Connect critical tools like PLMs, materials systems, and e-commerce platforms to streamline manual processes and ensure consistency.
  • Include external stakeholders allowing them to view designs in progress or create and save their own product variants.