How Embodee Helps Head Designers

Integrate various production systems to eliminate duplicate efforts and help everyone work more efficiently.

The larger your collection of products is, the harder it is to get the big picture. Maintaining quality control and ensuring that everything met established brand and aesthetic standards can be a huge chore without the right tools.

Embodee’s web platform connects the work of your 3D designers, technical designers, and pattern makers with the merchandisers, manufacturers, and salespeople that bring products to market. Everyone, regardless of technical ability, can collaborate on designs. Everything from feedback to pattern adjustments to variant assortments can be done in the same place, by anyone on your team. And once everyone’s on board with the final designs, you can send them directly to your manufacturer, for final products that come out exactly as you’ve envisioned them.

How does it work?

  • Quickly create variants with an easy-to-use design tool and access to all your assets stored in Embodee’s DAM+.
  • Review and track designs by simply clicking a link and adding your comments or approval from any browser.
  • Present collections of products with Spaces, a digital canvas built to help you plan, gather, create, and collaborat