How Embodee Helps Sales

Give your buyers options such as colors, material, print, or graphic on apparel—all in live 3D, without calling in favors from your product or 3D teams.

When customers are evaluating a new apparel lineup, options are everything. Limited, undifferentiated offerings—or long waits to see requested options—are an easy way to lose business. Retail customers want a wide assortment of colors, materials, prints, and graphics to choose from, and they want it now. Apparel design, long held back by manual processes, has been ripe for a digital transformation that can speed up the sales cycle and offer the product differentiation retailers want.

This is what Embodee’s platform was made for. By bringing products and collections together in a centralized platform, you can get instant access to the latest designs—and show customers everything you can offer. And with collaboration tools that enable you to involve your customer directly, you’ll be able to engage more deeply and bring market feedback directly to your merchandising and creation teams

How does it work?

  • Share designs with customers by quickly and easily exporting product images or creating interactive product displays with the Embodee viewer—no design help needed. Optionally offer configuration options to help close sales during sell-in.
  • Present entire lineups with Spaces, a digital canvas built to help you plan, gather, create, and collaborate.
  • Provide feedback directly back to design and product teams via 3D models, and keep your everyone connected to your customers’ needs.