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Experience the power of innovation as we showcase the latest enhancements of our web platform designed to transform your workflow. Discover how our intuitive interface streamlines your tasks, making your work more efficient and enjoyable. 

Orchids Release V1.21

Our web platform is faster, more intuitive and takes Graphic Effects and Look Development capabilities to the next level, ultimately designed to improve a Users’ experience. 

The highlighted features on this release are:

  • Enhanced Graphic Effects features:
    • Material maps: Normal map is auto generated when adding graphics – emboss or deboss any graphic to give more dimension to a graphic.
  • Improved functionality on the Share Tab:
    • Embedded Links: Choose which variants to include in an embedded link to publish on your ecommerce website.
  • A more user-friendly Create Tab:
    • Variants: Update all variants at once with the push of a button. Users no longer need to resave each variant one-by-one after edits have been made to the Product Setup. 
    • The Product Viewer: now stays stationary when switching between Product Tabs, or choosing different variants, making it easier for Pro Users to do look-development tasks such as material and scene editing.

Orchids Release V1.20

  1. Graphic Effects:  Commonly used print effects can be saved to the Orchids Library to be leveraged on any graphic throughout the Organization by other team members.
    • Out-of-the-box Effects Library – The Orchids team has created a number of out-of-the-box Graphic Effects including foil, glitter, embroidery, flock, cracked and plastisol which are not available to all. 
    • Create Effects – Effects can also be created from scratch by uploading a graphic and defining the effect like stitches, grain or texture with our “Detail Maps.” 
    • Augment Effects – Effects can be augmented and adjusted to fine-tune the look as needed and get a closer look at what will be generated at the factory.  
  2. Library: 
    • Copy and paste – Individual Library assets,  sets (or palettes), or entire Libraries can be copied and pasted between Product Lines making sharing colors, materials, prints, graphics and effects very easy.  
  3. Prints & Graphic Materials
    • Prints and Graphics are now saved as materials. An entire Print or Graphic “look”  can be saved and reused across Products.  
    • Orchids Graphic Library – A set of trims such as buttons, zippers and denim fades has been added  to every Organization to be used across products.  
  4. Collaboration
    • View who else is online – Now Users can see who else from the Organization is online and within the same Product Line.  
  5. Realtime updates
    • User experiences now update in realtime based on the actions of other logged in Users allowing for a user friendly, simultaneous co-creation experience. 

Orchids Release V1.19

We are ending the year strong with our V1.19 release! This month’s release focuses on updates  that make our web platform even more efficient and easy to use. 

  1. New update in Spaces: Users can now leverage the Line Tool to make attractive and precise presentations, rapidly. 
  2. Products:
    1. Variant renderings and image imports: Products added to a Space in all angles are imported side-by-side (instead of overlapping) so they are easily viewable and selectable immediately after import.  
    2. Adding and managing colors: Users now have a more visual and intuitive way of managing colors for materials, prints and graphics in the Components Tab. 
    3. Graphics Tab: Users can now hide and show Graphic Layers for better visibility and control when setting up graphic positioning and orientation.  
    4. Print and Graphic look development: Material parameters  can now be reorganized and parameter categories can be consolidated into collapsable menus. Green dots next to a parameter category indicate when parameters  have been changed from their default state, providing artists a better way to view their look development inputs at a glance. 
  3. The Shared Product Viewer: Uploadable Prints and Graphics have been re-enabled to give Users the ability to upload their own Prints and Graphics from their device to the Shared Viewer experience for better communication with other stakeholders.
  4. Localization is here: Users can now select one of 13 different languages so internal teams and customers from around the world can experience Orchids in their language of choice.  
  • Platform translations have been provided for the following languages:
    • English
    • Chinese
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • German
    • Bulgarian
    • Hindi
    • Bengali
    • Indonesian
    • Vietnamese
    • Italian
    • French
    • Sinhala

To change languages, click on your User profile and select the Language preference from the dropdown.

Orchids Release V1.18

This release enhances 3D model download optimization features, adds graphic layers (new!) and makes the Create Tab even more powerful for Pro Users. 

What’s new: 

  1. Product Download Optimization and Presets: Users can now finetune settings for model downloads for use in product marketing, eCommerce, AR/VR, virtual fit, and the Metaverse.
  2. Color Management on Create Tab: Pro Users can now add, remove, and reorder colors by clicking a contextual menu next to each colorizable component.
  3. Graphic Layers: Multiple graphics can now be added to a single mesh and layered for advanced variant design. 
  4. 2D Print & Graphic Editor: Graphic edge distance measuring improves communication of graphic specs to factories, and manual input of measurements allows for greater precision.
  5. Spaces: Arrow annotations help collaborators communicate more effectively; user interface enhancements make Spaces simpler and more effective.

Orchids Release V1.17

This V1.17 release includes an array of features that further support co-creation, collaboration and product development online including: single or bulk 3D product downloads and improved commenting features. 

Here’s what’s new: 

  1. 3D Product Variant downloads – Download any variant directly from Orchids to your desktop for use outside of the Orchids platform.  The resultant 3D files are compact so they can be moved to any downstream use.
  2. @ mention anyone in a comment and they’ll receive email notifications to join the conversation anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  3. Upload SVG files can now be applied directly to Products and made colorizable so others can colorize the graphics within the Create tab.
  4. Add 3D variant carousel images – Now you can add all variant rotational or carousel images to our DAM+ Spaces!

Previous editions

2023:  V1.20
2023: V1.19  V1.18 V1.17