Company Highlights

With more than 10 years of experience in 3D software development for the fashion industry, Embodee helps the fashion and Apparel industry in the design, creation, and selling of fashion and apparel products in a new collaborative way, online.

Founded in 2008, Embodee helps the fashion industry develop 3D virtual products more efficiently for a variety of uses including online and physical stores. Its on-demand renderings of 3D products are unsurpassed in visual quality and interactivity. For over a decade its focus had been creating dynamically rendered 3D images of apparel and footwear for online customization. Embodee is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and has employees across the United States and Europe.

Here are highlights of the company’s history:

2020 – 2017

October 2020: Announced that our new 3D web platform will be available in limited beta release starting Nov. 1. The platform integrates nearly all aspects of digital product creation and development online, helping the fashion industry increase collaboration, reduce costs, and improve sales.

January 2020: Announced collaboration with Byond to deliver real-time customization and personalization in Byond’s digital showrooms. Byond’s customers will benefit from a more robust virtual experience via the freedom to change design options and inspect them in vivid detail.

November 2019: Teamed up with world-renowned musician Daddy Yankee, whose online store uses Embodee’s visualization technology, enabling his legions of fans to customize his limited edition of hats.

June 2019: At a product innovation conference, previewed the industry’s first all-3D, cloud-collaborative platform. Coming in 2020, the platform will enable brands and retailers to design, set up, collaborate, and easily share inline and customized 3D products.

October 2018: Expanded growth into luxury apparel, footwear, and accessories market, launching virtual versions of three customizable Chloé handbags with mytheresa.com.

October 2017: Announced collaboration with one of the world’s leading online retailers for women’s luxury fashion, mytheresa.com, for customization of Gucci Ace DIY leather sneakers.

May 2017: Embodee’s process for transforming physical samples of footwear into 3D digital models was awarded a U.S. government patent.

2016 – 2015

December 2016: Announced expanded collaboration with Knot Standard, which broadens Embodee’s long-term focus on visualizations of customizable athletic apparel and footwear.

October 2016: Launched gBuilder and gComposer as add-ons to Embodee’s hosted rendering service, dramatically decreasing time and up-front cost for entering or expanding custom products merchandising in the online customization market.

September 2016: KnotStandard announced the launch of its online Virtual Studio for customizing menswear that displays Embodee-hosted and rendered visualizations of suits, blazers, and pants.

September 2016: Completed major expansion and upgrade to our data center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was the third round of growth since the data center went live in January 2016.

September 2016: Piloted new gCAD product with Adidas to improve the visual quality of its 3D shoe model designs and transform them into fully customizable products, available at miadidas.

July 2016: Reebok became the latest major sportswear brand to work with Embodee to offer shoppers customizable shoes via YourReebok.

May 2016: Featuring Embodee’s technology for life-like 3D visualization of men’s suits and blazers, custom menswear company Knot Standard unveiled a virtual shopping studio, available initially only at its New York City showroom.

January 2016: Corporate headquarters moved to San Juan.

April 2015: Gartner Inc. selected Embodee as 2015 “Cool Vendor” for innovative approaches that help consumer goods companies improve digital marketing and e-commerce.

January 2015: CIOReview magazine ranked Embodee as one of the most promising technology solution providers serving the U.S. apparel and textile industry.

2014 – 2008 (Founding Year)

May 2014: Awarded U.S. patent for virtual try-on technology that displays how garments look and fit based on shoppers’ measurements.

July 2013: Selected as one of three finalists for the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network’s Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards (Working Capital Group).

June 2013: Selected by Portland Business Journal as Oregon and southwest Washington’s 15th fastest-growing company based on revenue growth.

June 2013: Awarded U.S. patent for unique process of creating and modeling 3D digital garments.

2011-2014: Core business emerged: depicting 3D garments, footwear, and accessories before they’re made — either for customization or pre-mass production merchandising of samples. The core business evolved, adding products and services to make it easy to set up, configure, and sell custom fashion products online.

2009-2010: Start-up team developed the first technology platform. Initial development: virtual try-on of clothes via any web-enabled device. The team has decades of technology experience and has delivered breakthrough advancements in computing for Intel and special effects for motion pictures.

2008: Founded in Portland, Oregon, by CEO André Wolper to create visualization technology to spur e-commerce in the apparel industry.