How Embodee Helps 3D Designers

Get low-level variant creation tasks off your plate, and stay focused on the work you’re needed for most.

3D designers, technical designers, and patternmakers are critical parts of the digital apparel creation process. But too often, their days get bogged down with menial, repetitive tasks like creating variants that may or may not ever see the light of day. And while they’re tending to those adjustments, everyone else is left waiting—and wasting precious time.

Imagine this: What if, instead of a merchandiser or salesperson bugging you to mock up an existing shirt in a different material, or with an extra embellishment, they could do it themselves? You’d be saved from distractions, and they’d get what they need faster. That’s exactly what Embodee’s web platform does, streamline the 3D design process by opening it to everyone on the team, regardless of expertise.

How does it work?

Embodee lets you quickly and easily invite anyone to collaborate on projects with you. With Embodee’s web platform as part of your 3D apparel design process, you can:

  • Share designs by simply generating a link for recipients to interact with your 3D in their browser—no special software to install and learn.
  • Grant editing access to other team members and external partners so they can create their variants and work with design options.
  • Track and view change requests in context with comment threads that appear directly on your products and assortments.