The Orchids Platform

Orchids Platform
  • Design

Orchids by Embodee makes 3D apparel creation faster, more flexible, and more efficient for everyone from merchandisers and designers to marketers and salespeople.


Orchids opens the 3D design process to every contributor working hard to bring products to market. Anyone can work with 3D apparel designs, adding variants and adjusting look and feel—no expertise required.


It’s easy to view and manage 3D models, along with 2D textures and files, with the powerful digital asset management built in to Orchids. Our DAM+ tool helps you organize and access all your assets, any time, from any device.

Share & Collaborate

In a world of fast fashion and complex supply chains, product design can’t afford to take its time. Orchids helps you get and implement feedback faster—and reduce the back and forth as you bring your product to market.


Get exactly the assets you need, with just the click of a button. Orchids lets you fine tune settings for model downloads for use in product marketing, eCommerce, AR/VR, virtual fit, and the metaverse.

Embeddable 3D Viewer - Try it here!


Orchids integrates with your most important tools, making it an integral part of your apparel design workflow. It’s the easy way to keep your e-commerce platforms automatically up to date with the latest 3D designs for an immersive customer experience, and import assets from your PLM and materials tools.


Publish your products easily and give them the showcase they deserve.


Getting products in customers’ hands is no easy task, but Orchids can help guarantee smooth fulfillment for even the most complex orders.