Creating 3D product variants online — too good to be true?

You’ll answer “no” after seeing how Embodee’s new Orchids web platform transforms the design and development of digital apparel products.

In a world where many things are over-hyped, including technology, too-good-to-be-true skepticism abounds. With the Orchids platform, we’ve never encountered skepticism but sometimes an initial difficulty to grasp all of its capabilities, and we get it. After all, they are revolutionary.

Using the platform, people across an organization from many disciplines and with no specialized skills, can now work with 3D digital products online.

Simply put, the Orchids platform redefines traditional workflows by providing a shared online collaboration workspace for all, transforming how products are designed and developed. Product variants and collections can be easily and quickly created at scale as teams work together in ways never before possible via web browsers, anytime and anywhere. 

We give prospective clients and early access beta participants not just demos, but test drives and training. That way they can experience how Orchids serves different needs. Among many examples:

  • Enhancing how products look in 3D, including down to the surface of materials and their textures
  • Exporting high-resolution images for various uses, including marketing materials such as presentations, and social media.
  • Generating the code needed to imbed 3D products on e-commerce sites

Those capabilities and many others mean users discover opportunities and challenges unique to their companies. The process also helps us fine-tune the platform based on beta-tester suggestions.

Orchids gives you not just a new way of working, but better products developed faster and more efficiently.

Still sounds too good to be true? Sign up at to try it yourself as a beta user.