Scale Digital Fashion Creation and Publishing

Move your 3D online and boost productivity.
Easily share & publish anywhere. 

Easy & fast 3D variant creation

Effortless collaboration

Seamless sharing & publishing

Make Apparel Creation a Team Sport

3D Designers upload products and everyone works better:  Product managers, 2D Designers, Merchandisers, and Sales. Anyone can visually brainstorm, suggest changes, and add comments, helping products evolve rapidly. Everything happens online with an easy-to-use tool that speeds up production time and lets anyone contribute.

Move Designs Forward, Not Back and Forth

Typically, when creating apparel—every structural addition, new color, design revision, or material variant—means throwing changes back to your 3D technical designer, eating up precious time and resources. With Orchids, anyone can take an existing 3D apparel design and visualize different colors, materials, prints, and graphics in seconds—no 3D expertise required. It’s powerful, it’s fast, and it works seamlessly with your existing design, PLM, and e-commerce tools.

Give Everyone a Seat at the Table

With Orchids, anyone anywhere can view, comment on, and create 3D apparel designs. 2D designers can apply newly created materials, prints or graphics, marketers can experiment with colorways and materials for testing, and IT staff can export variants to e-commerce platforms. No messy software installation, no sleep-inducing training sessions—just create a link to your design and anyone can start visually brainstorming online, suggesting changes, and making comments.

Bring Fast to Fashion

The traditional process of designing, producing, and bringing apparel to market is often described as manual and slow. And with supply chain complexity complicating matters further, every minute counts. That’s where Orchids comes in. By running the back-and-forth digitally, Orchids can help you get products in customers’ hands—and on shelves and online stores—faster. And that means your business will be more nimble, more competitive, and resilient

Works with:

3D Authoring

  • AccuMark 3D
  • Blender
  • Browzwear
  • CLO
  • Maya
  • Modaris
  • Modo
  • Rhino
  • Roman’s CAD
  • Optitex


  • Adobe Substance
  • Pointcarre
  • swatchbook
  • Vizoo

File Types

  • .ai
  • .bmp
  • .fbx
  • .glb
  • .gltf
  • .hdr
  • .jpg
  • .obj
  • .png
  • .svg 
  • .tif
  • .u3m