Virtual Product Experiences


Virtual Product Experiences

Welcome to the global leader in creating virtual product experiences. We make it easy for you to deliver your products as a visually stunning, interactive buying experience. Learn about our turnkey solutions for state-of-the-art online customization of apparel, footwear, and accessories.

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Our Products

Each is tailored to your needs and each uses our baseline service, 3D Renderings—high-fidelity product images delivered on demand to your website. gBuilder enables rich, interactive, product customizations, while gComposer gives you control of product configuration options and logic.


Digitization Service

Don’t have 3D models of your products? No problem. We can turn samples of your physical products into dynamic 3D assets. Our patented process and software reconstruct them virtually, ensuring that the materials are presented in the most realistic, best possible way.


3D Renderings

If we virtualize your products, they can be viewed from any perspective on any device. Product images will be streamed from our cloud-based 3D-rendering service, which powers virtual product experiences for some of the world’s largest sports apparel brands, as well as luxury fashion brands.


Our Products

Our Products

Depending on your needs, our leading-edge product suite offers turnkey
solutions for visually immersive interaction with your products—from team sports apparel, luxury fashion, and workwear, to shoes, accessories, and handbags.

For a guided tour of gBuilder, please play the video above


➤ A web application that enables rich, interactive, product customizations 

➤ Works on any device

➤ Integrates with your existing e-commerce platform

➤ Alternative to developing your own product builder from scratch

Complex customization rules hidden behind easy-to-use interface

➤ Skinnable to reflect your brand

➤ Evolves automatically courtesy of Embodee, keeping your website’s capabilities current and best-in-class


See gBuilder in Action


➤ Product data entry solution and repository for customizable products

➤ Gives you control of your product configuration options and logic

➤ Easy-to-use templates and product rule generator reduce time and human error

➤ Full control of text and graphic locations on products

➤ Ability to conform with any factory (production) data format

➤ Helps you efficiently publish and maintain small or large product assortments


➤  Already have 3D CAD models of your products? Use gCAD to easily convert them to web-enabled configurable products, leveraging existing in-house developments (where available) and reduce costs

➤ Apply and control features, materials, textures, and colors of your customizable products

➤ Upload your assets to our 3D rendering service to push your products “live” in your online store

➤ Coming soon: get the best possible product “look” from your CAD models with only a handful of easy-to-use attributes





As product design tools and manufacturing processes have grown in efficiency, the sheer volume of products and product version complexity have also increased.

The result? It's impractical and too limiting for brands and retailers to use ordinary photography to portray their product versions. That's where Embodee helps you create a fully digital, customizable virtual product experience that's superior to what your competitors offer.

Don’t have CAD models of your products available? Don’t worry. Just provide us with product samples and we'll use our patented digitization process to create perfect digital replicas. Pliable items are scanned in-house. Then, using software and artistry, we recreate them in 3D. For apparel products, we account for complex properties such as drape, weave, stretch, and reflections.

3D Renderings

Our mobile-friendly, hosted 3D-rendering service uses the highest-end graphics power and techniques. It powers all of the virtual product experiences we deliver, including for some of the world’s leading sports apparel companies. Why do they rely on Embodee's technology? Because we do for them what we can do for you: present your customizable products with a visual quality—and ease of customization—that makes them look and feel better than those of your competitors.

Experiencing your products can become interactive, fun, and compelling for your customers too. Because everything is 3D, they can personalize products the way they want and then look at their designs from any perspective to make their buying experience easy.