Built for designers creating products and showcasing work in 3D—solo or as part of a team.


Free of charge.

Free plan includes



Created for small design teams needing enhanced collaboration with customers, communication with factories, and premium design features.


Per Pro user per year with annual billing, or $160 per month with monthly billing

21 Day Free Trial

Everything in the Free plan, plus


Designed for most teams working with numerous customer engagements, the Teams plan offers advanced design features and an optional Configurator.


Per year. Includes 3 Pro users, additional Pro users for $3,996 per year, annual billing only

21 Day Free Trial

Everything in the Professional plan, plus


Offers large businesses top-tier scalability, security, control, and support. Allow customers to establish precise requirements for custom products.


Per year. Includes 10 Pro users, with additional Pro users for $3,996 per year, annual billing only

Everything in the Teams plan, plus


To make sure that you hit the ground running, we provide two full days of on-site training, which can be spread over several days if needed. The training will be conducted by one of our product specialists, and will help ensure you get the most out of your Embodee subscription right from the start, using your own products as examples.


Up to 8 people over two days. Available with any plan.

What is a Pro User?

Pro Users are a key part of the digital product creation process in Embodee’s platform. They include 2D and 3D managers and designers, responsible for reviews, presentations, and creating manufacturable products. Pro users have access to a number of premium features, including: product setup for design by others, variant creation, library asset management, and product rule creation. They typically provide the glue between various stakeholders like customers, merchandisers, marketers, and manufacturers.