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Our Growing Data Center

It’s official: Embodee’s business is growing fast this year and countless, vividly detailed 3D images of apparel and footwear have been streaming live to our customers’ websites from our primary data center in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Our primary data center’s servers are supplemented by those deployed elsewhere in the world that provide redundancy to prevent downtime in case of what’s known in the industry as “disaster recovery” and “failover.”

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Embodee Collaborates with Reebok on Shoe Customization

We’re on a roll: Reebok is the latest major sportswear brand to work with Embodee to offer shoppers customizable shoes.  

YourReebok represents the growing trend of companies enabling consumers to enhance footwear, apparel, and other products online with their own design choices. Among YourReebok’s personalization options are multiple colors for multiple parts of shoes. Text, such as names, can also be added to some styles to make even more of a personal statement.  

Prior solutions employed by Reebok proved difficult to scale and maintain. As the company looked for a replacement technology provider, Embodee emerged as the leading contender.

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Meet Wil, First Hire for Our Puerto Rico Office

Wilitza Vazquez, director of operations, was the first person hired by founder and CEO André Wolper after he moved Embodee’s corporate headquarters to San Juan, Puerto Rico, from Portland, Oregon. In this brief Q & A, learn more about Wil, Puerto Rico, and her love for the island.

What attracted you to Puerto Rico?
It’s home! I was eager to come back after a few years abroad.

How do you spend your time away from work?
I spend lots of time with my family. Being a single mom of two is my other fulltime job. School, playdates, and baseball practices invade my agenda on a regular basis.

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All Hail the Espresso Maker

When we opened our new corporate headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in January 2016, founder and CEO André Wolper was focused on more than the complexities of the big move. He was also thinking about those damn fine Puerto Rican coffee beans growing in the mountains.

And this explains the arrival of equipment just as mission-critical as computers and servers: the shimmering ECM Elektronika, described by its maker as “the perfect harmony of aesthetics, convenience, and quality.”

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Big News and Big Year Ahead

We’ve expanded our global footprint by opening new corporate headquarters in a new and decidedly balmy location: San Juan in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. (Those of us in our other offices can almost feel the Caribbean breezes and see the tropical beaches. Not that we’re jealous.)

Embodee was founded in Portland, Oregon, in 2008, and it remains home to a part of our team. We also continue to have staff in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Why move the corporate headquarter from Portland to San Juan?

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New Company to Deploy Embodee’s Try-On Technology

We can finally disclose exciting news that we hinted at in a blog post last May: Embodee has extended an exclusive license to its patented Online Try-On℠ technology to a newly formed company, Intervisual Corp.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Intervisual was founded by Embodee’s former chief technology officer, George Borshukov. Working with Embodee CEO André Wolper, George led the development of the try-on technology along with R&D Director Isabelle Haulin, who has also joined Intervisual.

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Digital Technology Innovator Joins Embodee Team

We’re excited to announce that a technologist integral to development of award-winning virtual product experiences for major companies has joined the Embodee team.

Ben Sosinski, who played critical roles in several ground-breaking projects for Nike, including two featuring online product customization, is the company’s new vice president of product and technology operations.

Ben brings more than 14 years of technology development experience to Embodee. In his new role he will work with existing and new customers in their adoption of Embodee’s technology to best meet their current and future needs. He will also work closely with CEO André Wolper in defining the company’s long-term product roadmap.

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Gartner Names Embodee ‘Cool Vendor’ in Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Embodee has been named one of four “Cool Vendors in Consumer Goods Manufacturing, 2015” published April 6th by Gartner, Inc., a global leader in information technology research and consulting.

The report found that the four firms have innovative approaches supporting efforts of consumer goods companies to improve their digital marketing and e-commerce capabilities.

Embodee delivers high-fidelity 3D digital product views of apparel, footwear and accessories. Product rendering can be obtained from different angles based on customer preference.In the report’s key findings, Gartner analysts wrote: “Consumers desire a more immersive experience when interacting with virtual apparel and fashion products. They desire higher-fidelity, dynamic 3D renderings prior to making decisions to purchase.”

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Thumbs Up for Our CTO’s New Venture

We’re happy for our colleague, CTO George Borshukov, who’s changed focus to embark on some new and old challenges in the coming months! 

The details of George’s new focus are shrouded in stealth mode for now, but we’ll be sharing more with you–so stay tuned. What we can say is that while George will greatly reduce his time working for Embodee’s existing business, his main focus will be continuing to plumb the depths and possibilities of computer-enhanced visualization.

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What Most Influences You to Buy Products Online

Other than price, what’s the next most important factor that influences people to buy clothing and accessories?

Product images. More than 60% of consumers surveyed rated pictures of clothing and accessories as a top influence. That’s 1.5 times higher than the average importance of images for all product categories.

The answer comes courtesy of an insightful white paper, “Online Browsing Behaviors of the Apparel Shopper,” by HookLogic, a global leader in commerce search advertising. The white paper is based on a shopping-behavior survey of 500 consumers and an analysis of more than 11 million online transactions representing more than $1.2 billion in sales.

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Embodee’s CTO Accepts Second Academy Award

We’re raising our glasses to company CTO George Borshukov. On Feb. 7, he received more recognition for his visual effect breakthroughs for the movie industry–his second Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement.

“I haven’t been in the industry for 10 years,” he told the audience at a dinner awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California. “It’s so incredible that the Academy does the research…to look at these technologies and recognize them. It’s truly amazing.”

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CTO to Receive Academy Award for Technical Achievement

Embodee announced in a news release today that George Borshukov, will receive an Academy Award for technical achievement at a presentation dinner on February 7 in Beverly Hills, California in a news release. He and two former colleagues will be honored for their pioneering work in creating realistic virtual human faces of actors.

The technology, called Universal Capture, was used in “The Matrix Revolutions” and “The Matrix Reloaded,” the 2003 sequels to “The Matrix.” This work has since inspired shape- and texture-capture methods creating even more believable computer-generated images of movie actors and video game characters.

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Magazine: Embodee Among Top Technology Solution Providers

CIOReview magazine has named Embodee one of 2014’s most promising technology solution providers serving the U.S. textile and apparel industry. The magazine features Embodee among 20 companies in a special January edition focusing on the industry,

A panel of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, venture capitalists, analysts, and the magazine’s editorial board selected the top companies from more than 300 firms.

“Embodee has been on our radar for some time, and we are happy to showcase them due to their continued excellence in delivering top-notch technology-driven solutions,” said Harvi Sachar, CIOReview’s publisher and founder. “Embodee’s solutions continue to break new ground benefiting its customers, and we’re excited to have them featured on our top companies list.”

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Under the Influence: 3D Imagery and Online Shopping

Marketers and academicians slice, dice, and categorize us into countless niches. A fertile topic for their research has long been how we shop, and more so now with e-commerce’s unrelenting growth.

Much studied regarding e-commerce is the influence of website imagery in promoting products. As early as 2002, researchers found that using 3D images triggers mental imagery that enhances the virtual shopping experience. A 2013 study we wrote about found that adding interactivity to 3D product images, such as 360-degree rotation, significantly increases purchase intention.

A new study published in November in the Journal of Business Research examined two niches of shoppers: those who have a high need to touch products before buying them online and those who don’t. Specifically, the two researchers wanted to know how viewing vivid 3D vs 2D product images would influence the two groups. They also wanted to know whether the effects would vary based on the type of product featured.

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Paths to Earning Business of Millenials

Like forest paths intersecting in a clearing, three seemingly disparate articles on our reading list today led to the same place.  

The subjects: 3D technology spurring mass customization, Patagonia’s new apparel line made from recycled garments and salvaged fabric swatches, and an expansive study of the age 25-to-34 crowd (aka millennials).

Far into the first article, posted on the blog of French software company Dassault Systèmes, noted mass customization expert B. Joseph Pine is quoted. He cites apparel as an example of an industry coming around to the benefits of mass customization, which enables consumers to personalize products before they’re made.