Get the most of out the Embodee web platform’s new Free plan

With the recent launch of our new Free plan, anyone can start using the Embodee web platform. But as user-friendly as it is, you may be wondering how exactly it can make your work easier. Today, we’ll give you some tips that can help you get up and running with the Free plan in no time.

3D Design, Simplified

After you’ve put together your initial design in your 3D software of choice, Embodee makes variant creation, sharing and presentation easy. Want to create variants with different colorways, materials, or embellishments? We’ve got you covered. Embodee gives anyone the ability to experiment with variants to quickly find the look they want, without the need for 3D expertise.

We’ve also built additional functionality to enhance your simplified 3D design experience. If you’d like to organize components, Embodee lets you easily separate or group individual parts of your 3D model. And because prints and graphics are integral parts of the apparel experience, Embodee allows anyone to upload and place either onto existing models—again, no 3D expertise necessary.

But all the adjustments in the world won’t mean anything without an effective way to share and present your work. So the Free plan also includes our scene editor, which lets you set up product views to your specifications, complete with lighting and environments. And if you need a quick and easy way to send someone a still image of your product, you can create a snapshot from any angle.

Collaboration Built for Anyone

With all of the designers, merchandisers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders needing a say in designs, a system where everyone can have a say is critical. That’s why our Free plan makes working together as simple as sending a link. Generate a shared link, and you can make products and spaces available for anyone to view, no login required. Want to collect feedback? You can invite stakeholders to add comments.

And whether they’re just viewing or adding feedback, collaborators can work with you from any browser. And speaking of browsers, our Free plan also allows you to embed 3D renderings of your product, complete with 360° rotation and zooming, on any webpage. Just copy and paste the automatically generated code, and rich, detailed renderings will be available to all visitors to your site.

2D Renderings for Use Anywhere

Even though 3D is usually the ideal way to view products, sometimes a flat 2D image is what you need. Perfect for attaching to emails, placing on websites, or dropping into a chat, flat images exported from Embodee can be used pretty much anywhere. You have the choice of exporting either single downloads or all variants that you’ve created in bulk.

Share, Present, and Manage Assets

As variants—and the assets needed to create them—grow, making sure that everyone has access to up-to-date assets and having an easy way to sort through them is ever more important. That’s why the Free plan includes our Spaces digital canvas tool and powerful digital asset management (DAM).

With Spaces, you can plan, gather, create, and collaborate—turning scattered products into organized projects ripe for new ideas. Create a space to curate product assortments, present to stakeholders, and organize team members’ thoughts in one place. And once you add products to a Space, they’ll automatically update as you make changes to them outside the Space. You’ll also have the ability to add notes, backgrounds, and images to make your Spaces into presentation powerhouses.

Behind the scenes, Embodee’s DAM tool keeps your product assets easy to organize and sort through. Simply upload any 3D or 2D asset—materials, prints, graphics, fonts and more—and have them right at your fingertips, any time. You’ll be able to access and view the latest versions from any browser, and search or filter by tag to get right to the assets you need.

Start today

Our new Free plan is available now. To get started—and compare plans—sign up on our Pricing page. You’ll be set up in no time. And be sure to check back here for the latest updates on Embodee’s web platform.