Big boost to fashion industry: Embodee’s Orchids℠ web platform is live!

Here at Embodee, we’re all smiles. Ear-to-ear smiles. 

After three years of development, our Orchids web platform has commercially launched. The platform represents the most significant milestone in the company’s 14-year history and highlights its mission to help the fashion industry efficiently create, produce, and sell products.

For those of you unfamiliar with Orchids, the platform streamlines and accelerates product creation and publishing — in 3D and all online. Easy to use, it provides simple-to-use tools, virtual collaboration, robust communications, and other powerful features.

Our news release announcing the launch explains all the many benefits, including the configurable pricing — monthly or discounted annually — to support companies with many or few users.

What makes the platform so important for the fashion industry? Besides adding new capabilities for its digital transformation, Orchids is seen by some insiders as the “last mile” in the long march to full digitization.

Perhaps the best description comes from one user at a company that has successfully used the Orchids platform in a pilot project to achieve more speed, reduced costs, and greater volume.

“What Embodee is offering is going to just take things to another level completely,.” said Malik Jeffrey, head of technical services for Norlanka. As part of the pilot, two Norlanka designers without 3D technical skills needed only two days instead of ten to create 250 designs in 3D for presentation to a buyer. (Learn more about the pilot project.)
To learn more about the Orchids platform and to request a demo, visit Embodee.