Working with 3D prints, graphics now easier and faster

It’s enough to make fashion designers, graphic artists, and others who work with digital apparel absolutely giddy. Never before have they been able to work so easily and so fast with prints and graphics, all online in 3D, courtesy of Embodee’s Orchids platform.

The latest update for the web-based platform, in trials with our beta testers, includes a host of improvements. Among them is the ability to drag and drop, scale, and rotate prints on products in 3D. (An earlier update added the same functionality for graphics.) Users without highly specialized skills can quickly master the features. 

The Orchids platform is a centralized virtual place for collaboratively creating apparel products. It’s where 3D designs are stored, shared, revised, and ultimately approved for digital and physical use. Communication features, such as commenting on designs and sharing them via links, enable robust collaboration.

Other recent improvements:

  • Tabs for working with prints and graphics have been added to the Orchids Library. That’s where users can add and delete prints and graphics, create sets, and search and sort to keep these visual elements organized.
  • Print and graphic sets can be added in bulk to a product, which makes setup and repeatability faster.
  • The platform now supports web-browser-friendly file formats that are relatively new to the industry: GLTF for products (Graphics Language Transition Format) and PBR for materials (Physically Based Rendering). Most modern design authoring tools support these formats. FBX and OBJ file formats continued to be supported.

Overall, the improvements build upon the Orchids platform’s key advantage for the industry: it helps companies leverage their 3D investments by giving them greater volume and speed. Watch this space for more updates. Please contact us for a demo.