Orchids web platform: new comment tools, other features

We’re all about keeping you in the loop as we add new features to our Orchids web platform. It’s an exciting assignment because the platform revolutionizes the way apparel products are developed, and all in 3D. 

The latest additions, released to beta testers earlier this month, mainly focus on expanding and improving communication and collaboration online anytime and anywhere. Not just for designers and 3D artists, but anyone inside and outside a company given access.

Building upon June’s milestones, the update adds even more key comment tools. For example, Orchids users can now create comment threads on individual 3D product designs, not just on assortment boards. This makes it easier to communicate desired changes, track them through resolution, and in the end get things done faster.

Product highlights can also be shared now with stakeholders, such as customers and vendors who don’t have access to the platform, via a web link. Highlights aren’t the in-house, interactive comment conversations but rather bite-sized pieces of information and the 3D product image.

The July platform update also includes upgrades to working with assortments. Among them is the ability to duplicate assortments as templates for future use and change the background color of any assortment.

Users can now zoom into a product to closely inspect the material online. They also can download PDF versions of product pages that include images and specifications. The PDF files can be used or shared for many purposes, including manufacturing.

Stay tuned for our next update!