Virtual try-on: a look back at Embodee’s pioneering platform

In the June edition of our monthly industry newsletter, NewsBytes, we highlighted signs that virtual try-on of clothes is finally gaining traction. The evidence: big brands, notably Walmart, are starting to embrace solutions, as are millennials and so-called super-connected shoppers.

What you might not know is that Embodee’s first technology platform for the industry was, drum roll please, virtual try-on. We were among the online fitting pioneers, unveiling the platform way back when, at least in tech time. It was 2010, only two years after CEO André Wolpe founded the company.

Using our 3D visualization technology, the platform displays on any web-enabled device how garments look and fit based on body measurements that shoppers submit. Both technologies are patented. (See the patents here and here.)

In an initial trial using 1,000 SKUs, apparel brand Hurley offered visitors to the denim section of its online store the option to “See These Jeans On You.” Denim sales increased 30%, and returns dropped 40%.

Since then, Embodee’s technology offerings have grown to include online customization of apparel and footwear and, more recently, our new Orchids™ web platform. The platform transforms how products are designed and developed in 3D, redefining traditional workflows by providing a shared online collaboration workspace. People across an organization from many disciplines and with no specialized skills can now work with 3D digital products online.

While virtual try-on isn’t our focus these days, the technology remains available for licensing. Want to learn more? Please contact us.