Orchids™ web platform: the improvements keep coming

Our new Orchids web platform for collaboratively creating apparel in 3D keeps getting better and better. Not just with here-and-there tweaks but new features that improve communication, teamwork, and product designs — all online. The gist: together the features vastly streamline work, saving money and time.

The latest additions build upon others announced in May. They focus on tools for commenting on assortment boards as they’re designed and refined on the path to final approval, and the ability to size prints and graphics at scale.

For example, now any user can create commenting threads within assortments to collect, discuss, and track proposed changes. Colleagues, no matter their time zone, can robustly exchange ideas. No more scheduling multiple meetings, trading emails stuffed with byte-heavy attachments, or storing reams of files in computer folders.

In a nutshell, the Orchids platform and its latest improvements enable getting to “yes” much sooner — without the hassles of yesterday’s technology. The platform is a centralized place where 3D designs are stored, shared, revised, and ultimately approved for digital and physical use. 

Think all this is blah-blah marketing hype? Think again after you hear from a member of our early access group, who works for a brand that designs women’s apparel.

“This is AMAZING!,” he said. “The best part…is that I no longer have to create a folder on my desktop for every print variant and keep track of the exact print graphic files I’m using…

“I can just add all my prints to a single style (via print sets) for validation and know the print graphic name (since we carry that over upon import). You don’t understand what a big deal this is for me!”

Here are more big deals:

  • Prints and graphics can be uploaded within what we call the public product viewer. This allows collaboration with invited third parties such as customers and vendors so they too can collaborate and express their artistic views.
  • Users can adjust the scale of models without affecting how they look. This means they can apply the actual scale of prints and graphics for finished products.
  • Users also can specify the dimensions of prints in inches, centimeters, or as a percentage of the original graphic file.
  • Orchids 3D products can be easily embedded in websites and third-party applications such as Miro or PowerPoint presentations. 

Have questions or want a demo? Please contact us. The platform is currently in limited beta access.