Embodee's Orchids Web Platform Makes it Easy to Work with Prints, Graphics in 3D

The drumbeat of progress at Embodee continues. We’ve added much-desired features to our Orchids web platform, which transforms how apparel brands design and develop products in 3D. The additions move the platform closer to public release later this year.

Naturally, we’re thrilled about the progress. But we can’t wait to see the reaction among our beta testers, especially when they see how easy it is to apply prints and graphics to designs. We’re expecting virtual high-fives.

Without specialized skills, Orchids’ users can now import, scale, position, and rotate prints and graphics on 3D products from a web browser and visualize them in real-time. This means they can generate an endless number of print and graphic combinations in 3D and save them as  variants that can be viewed by any authorized colleague or vendor.

Other key advantages to easily applying different applications of prints and graphics in real-time include:

  • Accurately showing how they would look at scale on physical products before they’re manufactured
  • Experimenting with different scaling of graphics 
  • Showcasing various embellishment types, like embroidery or embossments, by applying different 3D textures

The new Orchids update also enables users to tag and organize their 3D assets in the platform’s library for better searchability.

To see the Orchids platform in action, request a demo. We’ll wait for the high-fives.