Orchids™ Web Platform Achieves New Milestone

The Embodee team is in full-speed-ahead mode, achieving a major milestone in development of its Orchids™ web platform that will change how the apparel industry creates, designs, and ultimately sells products. 

The latest milestone means that the platform is on schedule for release in the first half of 2021. It integrates nearly all aspects of developing 3D apparel and footwear collections in one place — online.

Now in its second month of beta testing, the Orchids web platform recently was enhanced with a raft of new updates and capabilities. Among the newest features is the ability to share access to digital products within the platform with people outside an organization, such as vendors.

Product administrators can easily create web links to grid-walls of products. The links, which are mobile-friendly, can be set to expire at a given time and sent via email or text message. Those receiving the links can access product variants or even design a variant of their own — anytime, anywhere.

Other improvements include:

  • Increased security across the platform, making it safer for sensitive product models and data
  • A four-fold acceleration in variant creation
  • Ability to tag products for better categorization and searchability

 Industry early adopters — ranging from personnel of large companies to independent designers — have been using the web platform, some since early this year, and suggesting improvements. With the latest milestone, they have even more features to test and validate, as the platform moves closer to delivering on its goal: increased collaboration, reduced costs, and increased sales. 

You can learn much more about the Orchids web platform at our website. Interested in joining the beta testing? Sign-up here