Embodee Announces Beta for New 3D Web Platform

We announced some big news today: our new Orchids™ web platform will be available in limited beta release starting Nov. 1. 

The platform integrates nearly all aspects of digital product creation and development online.

Available anytime and anywhere, the new solution will help the industry increase collaboration, reduce costs, and improve sales. It maximizes the benefits of high-impact 3D virtual products. 

The platform has been validated and refined through early use by select apparel companies. No licensing or software installation is required.

“With increasingly broad 3D adoption in the industry, we saw the growing need for companies to get more out of their 3D product creation investments,” said Embodee CEO André Wolper. “As a result, we’ve developed a highly visual online platform that effortlessly connects people and systems, enabling companies to go from creation to sales faster while simultaneously cutting waste and inefficiencies.”

See our press release for the details.

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