How to Help PLMs Maximize Benefits of 3D

This week we examined a complex and timely issue for the online magazine WhichPLM: the need for full integration of virtual 3D products with product lifecycle management systems serving the fashion industry. 

The issue is timely because PLMs have been unable to use 3D technology to its maximum potential as the industry’s digital transformation expands and accelerates. 

The issue is complex because PLMs, essential to the end-to-end operation of countless brands, serve many players and already store huge amounts of data in mostly closed systems.

It’s also a challenge — not yet met — to work collaboratively within the constraints of PLMs to develop and refine apparel from initial 3D designs to fully developed, interactive digital product lines. 

But, as we explain in the article, seamlessly connecting to third-party cloud-based solutions, like Embodee’s soon-to-launch Orchids™ web platform, would allow easy, interactive product visualization, collection curation, and much more.

Dig into the details at WhichPLM. And watch this space for a major announcement about our new platform.