3D Fashion and Lack of Interoperability

Writing for a leading online industry magazine, Embodee has examined a key issue facing the fashion industry as its embrace of digitization technologies tightens. The issue at hand is interoperability, or lack thereof, for 3D design and the display of virtual products.

As technology innovations are unveiled to solve problems and improve operations, it’s not unusual for new problems to emerge in their wake. That’s the case with the development of 3D design tools for apparel and footwear, which have been a watershed advancement. But, as we wrote for WhichPLM, unfortunately not all stakeholders can use the 3D visual elements to their fullest potential, yet. Our solution:

“An effective way to enhance the innovations that have vastly improved how the fashion industry works is to introduce a cloud-based platform for working with 3D assets, created using the various client-based authoring tools.”

The article explores much more.