Embodee Teams Up With Music Star Daddy Yankee

We announced big news today: Embodee has joined forces with one of the world’s best-known music stars, Daddy Yankee, to create an online store so his fans can customize and purchase limited-edition Daddy Yankee hats. It’s part of an effort to commemorate his career and passion for individual expression.

The Daddy Yankee Custom Shop features two styles of hats in a wide variety of colors, logos, hashtags, their initials, and even the artist’s autograph. Embodee’s visualization technology provides thousands of design choices and custom combinations that can be previewed in real-time to ensure fans are creating a hat that expresses their sense of style.

The hats are Daddy Yankee’s first customizable product line, and the Puerto Rican native’s new store is featured at the “El Jefe” Daddy Yankee Museum, an 8,000-square-foot pop-up exhibition that opened on November 22 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

For all the details, here’s our press release.