Deeper Look at Growing Customization Trend

In July this year, we wrote in this space about the rapidly increasing interest in online product customization and personalization among consumers and industry insiders. It’s a topic of critical importance to our business, given that our dynamically rendered 3D images of apparel, footwear, and accessories play an integral role in this transformative change.

Now we’ve taken a deeper research dive and explored the accelerating customization and personalization trend for WhichPLM, a United Kingdom-based online magazine dedicated to Product Lifecycle Management for the retail, footwear, and apparel industries.

“Years hence, 2019 may well be remembered as the tipping point for online product customization, especially apparel and footwear,” we wrote. “Consumer interest, even demand, for the option to personalize products based on individual tastes has reached critical mass. Thus, brands and retailers are increasingly recognizing the need and responding to the opportunity.”

To learn more, read the entire article, headlined Customization Comes of Age, on the WhichPLM website.