Technology Heavyweight Joins the Embodee Team

Technology Heavyweight Joins the Embodee Team

We’ve made a key addition on the technology side of our executive team. Nikolay Popov has joined Embodee as director of engineering for software development to accelerate the company’s already significant technical and product success.

Nikolay brings nearly a quarter century of experience in a wide array of tech-related roles and projects. Most were focused on analyzing, architecting, and developing complex information systems, as well as dealing with multiple platforms and runtime environments.

“Nicolay sees our team as enthusiastic and technically brilliant,” said CEO and founder André Wolper. “And he can’t wait to pour his energy and dedication into our engineering activities to make our virtual product experiences even more compelling and memorable.”

Nikolay said, “So much innovation and ingenuity are already streaming from the team that I’m even more motivated to bring my expertise and contribute to the success of our software platform.”

Most of Nikolay’s professional experience was with TechnoLogica Ltd., a Bulgarian software company specializing in development of information systems, and Strypes, a Dutch company involved in development and engineering of technical and industrial automation.

With Strypes, his many projects included software architect, team lead, and developer for a group of companies providing electrical vehicle charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. With TechnoLogica, among other things, Nikolay was project manager and software architect for development of a system that provided electronic administrative services for dozens of municipalities in Europe.

Fluent in speaking four languages and writing code in many others, Nikolay is based with our technology team in Sofia, Bulgaria.