New York City, Here We Come

We love showing why Embodee is a leader in empowering apparel and footwear companies to offer shoppers customizable products online. No better place to do this than in New York City, where we’re headed for the Product Innovation Apparel conference on June 19-20.

On both days our team will demonstrate the company’s state-of-the-art virtual product experiences for conference attendees. On June 20, founder and CEO André Wolper will join a panel to discuss how Embodee’s products and solutions support on-demand manufacturing and customization of made-to-order apparel and footwear. Joining André on the panel will be executives of four other companies: Candice Huffine, founder-designer of Day/Won; Matthew Mueller, president of Knot Standard; Hal Watt, CEO and founder of Unmade, Ltd., and Marleen Vogelaar, CEO and founder of Ziel Wear.

In February, we took part in PI Apparel’s West Coast conference in Los Angeles, which was rewarding. Now we’re looking forward to meeting more new people and telling the Embodee story.