Making Possible the "Ultimate in Customization"

A notable Japanese design magazine, AXIS, has featured Embodee in an edition exploring the future of fashion powered by technology.

“Among the waves of technology surging in the world of fashion today, approaches developed apart from the conventional fashion system and its customs stand out,” wrote Silicon-Valley-based journalist Noriko Takiguchi. “Various leading-edge technologies are solving issues fashion faces and are providing unexpected possibilities.”

In introducing Embodee client Knot Standard as an example of “fashion in the near future,” Takiguchi described the industry as having “entered a mysterious domain where the virtual and real intermix.”

Embodee created and delivers from its servers dynamically rendered 3D virtual images of suits and sports jackets for Knot Standard customers as they choose various customization options. Assessing the image quality of a particular jacket, Takiguchi said: “The realism of the wool fabric, the shadows created by the wrinkles, and the impression of the stitching looks like a high-quality photograph.”

The article also mentions Embodee’s customization platform gBuilder and the company’s work with adidas.

AXIS, started in 1981 and based in Tokyo, focuses on product design but also covers diverse topics ranging from architecture to information design.

Embodee CEO and founder André Wolper told the magazine that the apparel industry is “behind the times when it comes to the digital. Processes such as pattern making and fabric cutting are all done by hand, and because it is performed by inexpensive labor, things don’t advance so easily. The situation won’t change overnight, but customization is being demanded.”

Takiguchi concluded that “if Embodee, which makes possible the ultimate in customization, creates an entrance to technology for the fashion industry, then various fields that can be explored will open up.”