Telling the Embodee Story: Serving Target Market of One

Embodee hit the conference circuit last week, demonstrating the benefits of our visually stunning virtual product experiences at the Product Innovation Apparel conference in Los Angeles. The conference was billed as an opportunity to “discover the technologies disrupting the fashion, apparel, and footwear industry.”The steady flow of attendees at Embodee’s booth saw demos of our products and solutions on a large display screen. On another screen they watched customizations of apparel and footwear products by shoppers around the globe using four of our customers’ websites, miAdidas, miTeam, Reebok, and KnotStandard.

Attendees peppered our on-site team with an array of questions. The team included our founder and CEO, André Wolper, who was a panelist for two conference sessions, one of them “What Is On-Demand Manufacturing & Why Should You Care?”

Asked by the moderator to summarize the benefits of the company’s products and solutions and how they relate to on-demand manufacturing, André told the audience:

“We enable a buyer of your apparel product to come close to it and experience it as if it’s already been made, or as close as we can bring him or her. But it’s a product made on demand because it’s a custom product, a unit of one potentially for a target market of one…so it facilitates market segmentation, facilitates engagement with your buyers.”

Manufacturing on demand, André continued, is also good business for Embodee’s customers because there are no typical carrying costs or no inventory overhead.

Since Jan. 1, he said, Embodee has streamed on-demand images of more than 20 million customization choices to shoppers of our customers’ products throughout the world.

Increased interest and technology evolution have led to development of turnkey solutions supporting on-demand manufacturing, André said.

“So it’s now possible for a brand, for example, to adopt our solution in a matter of weeks without an IT investment and without a long-term capital expenditure priority. You can just turn it on, software as a service, plug it into your website and go to market…with no big up-front investment.”

Other panelists were Matthew Cochran, vice president of business development for OnPoint Manufacturing, and Hal Watt, CEO and founder of Unmade.