Broadening Work in Fashion Retailers, Brands

We have news to announce: Embodee is collaborating with one of the world’s leading online retailers for women’s luxury fashion, Our patented technology will enable’s customers to interact with high-fidelity 3D renderings of Gucci footwear and customize it.

Embodee, which has long counted some of the industry’s pre-eminent sports apparel companies among its customers, recently broadened its focus to include luxury fashion retailers and brands.

“Demand for apparel, footwear, and other products that consumers can customize and personalize online continues to grow,” said Embodee CEO and founder André Wolper. “ is a leader in an important segment, and we welcome this opportunity to work with them.” will first feature Gucci’s popular leather Ace DIY trainers, which can be personalized with initials buyers choose. They can place the initials on one or both shoes, separate the letters with periods if desired, and select among six featured colors—light blue, gold, pink, green, silver, and orange.

Gucci’s customizable Ace trainers are available at for only a few weeks. All variations of the Ace customized sneakers retail for $698 U.S.

Embodee virtualizes samples of the footwear into dynamic digital assets so they can be viewed in vivid detail from any perspective on any device. The images of the Gucci Ace are streamed from Embodee’s cloud-based 3D-rendering service and customized via its gBuilder application and integrated with