New Patent For Creating and Displaying Virtual Footwear

We’ve received very good news: the way we transform physical samples of footwear into 3D digital models has been awarded a U.S. government patent.

The digitized models are dynamically rendered on demand in high-fidelity online images, creating a virtual product experience that enables shoppers to view the shoes in vivid detail from any perspective on any web-enabled device.

The new patent, awarded last week, builds upon a patent awarded in 2013 for creating virtual versions of apparel from physical products and rendering them as 3D digital images.

“Our development of this technology for footwear was a logical extension of our previous innovations for apparel and expanded our portfolio of capabilities to better serve businesses, said Embodee founder and CEO André Wolper.

Creating 3D virtual versions of both footwear and apparel from physical samples enables brands without the capability to create digital models in-house to take advantage of Embodee’s virtual product experience platform, André said.

Embodee powers the online display and customization of footwear for a number of brands. Some rely on the newly patented innovation. Others provide us with their own digital models and use Embodee’s gCAD product which, among other things, significantly enhances the visual quality of those models. For example, see what we do for miadidas and YourReebok.

As shoppers customize the shoes based on their individual testes, images depicting their choices are streamed from Embodee’s cloud-based 3D-rendering service and integrated into the miadidas and YourReebok websites.

To learn more about Embodee’s footwear digitization technology, please see the full text of the patent.