Customize adidas Shoes Using Embodee Technology

Want to customize adidas shoes online to meet your personal tastes and see them in high-resolution 3D images as you make changes, courtesy of new Embodee technology?
Now you can at miadidas. Embodee and adidas collaborated to improve the visual quality of their in-house 3D shoe model designs and transforms them into fully customizable products. Key to this conversion was Embodee’s new gCAD product, which converts existing 3D CAD images into web-enabled configurable products. (gCAD, currently in beta and piloted with adidas, is expected to be formally released in 2018.)
These visually enhanced models were then deployed to Embodee’s real-time 3D-rendering service and delivered to customers during their individual customization experiences.

This process foregoes product photography altogether and replaces it with a tightly integrated 3D solution, saving adidas time and money while producing renderings of higher visual quality for their customers.

The customization options include multiple colors for each of many shoe parts and, in some cases, the addition of lettering such as consumer’ names.

Shoppers saw the first results of the adidas-Embodee collaboration earlier this month.

Update: As of Jan. 8, 2018, the collaboration features dozens and dozens of customizable shoes.