Our Growing Data Center

It’s official: Embodee’s business is growing fast this year and countless, vividly detailed 3D images of apparel and footwear have been streaming live to our customers’ websites from our primary data center in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Our primary data center’s servers are supplemented by those deployed elsewhere in the world that provide redundancy to prevent downtime in case of what’s known in the industry as “disaster recovery” and “failover.”

As our customer base grows, so does demand for more dynamically rendered images. As a result, this year we’ve added in phases more servers and related hardware to handle the growing loads, and to get ready for even more. The latest phase was completed earlier this month. And while we’ve been at it, we’ve also improved performance and tested new methodologies.

And did we mention that we have computer engineers and architects among us who like to set up and test leading-edge systems? We also like gazing at all those blinking lights, knowing they signal that shoppers around the globe are buying products from our customers.