Embodee Collaborates with Reebok on Shoe Customization

We’re on a roll: Reebok is the latest major sportswear brand to work with Embodee to offer shoppers customizable shoes.

YourReebok represents the growing trend of companies enabling consumers to enhance footwear, apparel, and other products online with their own design choices. Among YourReebok’s personalization options are multiple colors for multiple parts of shoes. Text, such as names, can also be added to some styles to make even more of a personal statement.

Prior solutions employed by Reebok proved difficult to scale and maintain. As the company looked for a replacement technology provider, Embodee emerged as the leading contender.

Embodee’s new gCAD product, still in beta and scheduled for formal release in 2018, was used to improve Reeboks CAD model designs visually and transform them into virtually customizable products. As shoppers choose customization options, their design selections are automatically displayed in high resolution, thanks to Embodee’s real-time 3D-rendering service.

Traditional product photography is no longer needed. In fact, with so many customization options for a single style of shoe, millions of photographs would be required to show all the potential shopper designs.

Reebok’s first customizable shoe using Embodee went live this month. Customize your own here. More shoes will be added to YourReebok as the year progresses.