Big News and Big Year Ahead

We’ve expanded our global footprint by opening new corporate headquarters in a new and decidedly balmy location: San Juan in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. (Those of us in our other offices can almost feel the Caribbean breezes and see the tropical beaches. Not that we’re jealous.)

Embodee was founded in Portland, Oregon, in 2008, and it remains home to a part of our team. We also continue to have staff in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Why move the corporate headquarter from Portland to San Juan?

The company wanted a presence on or near the U.S. East Coast because of business in that part of the country. and the closer proximity to Europe and business interests there, said founder and CEO André Wolper.

San Juan won out over Miami, New York, and Boston for a number of reasons, André said. Among them: an accommodating business environment and an eager workforce that’s young, educated, and bilingual. There’s also the pleasant year-round climate and Atlantic Standard Time (AST) that much of the year is midway between the Pacific and western European time zones, as well as a rich roster of direct flights to many points in the U.S. and several in Europe.

“The time was ripe and the mix of conditions fantastic,” said André, who lives and works in Santurce, San Juan. “And we’re adding more staff now and serving worldwide traffic from our servers here in San Juan.” 

Dynamically rendered 3D images of apparel and footwear are streaming from the servers in our data center to our customers’ websites. 

What’s ahead this year? Increased investment in the business and perhaps a company-wide meeting beneath beach umbrellas, piña coladas in hand. After all, the iconic tropical drink was invented in San Juan.