New Company to Deploy Embodee’s Try-On Technology

We can finally disclose exciting news that we hinted at in a blog post last May: Embodee has extended an exclusive license to its patented Online Try-On℠ technology to a newly formed company, Intervisual Corp.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Intervisual was founded by Embodee’s former chief technology officer, George Borshukov. Working with Embodee CEO André Wolper, George led the development of the try-on technology along with R&D Director Isabelle Haulin, who has also joined Intervisual.

The try-on technology, using dynamically rendered 3D visualizations, projects how garments look and fit on shoppers so accurately that it leads to large decreases in returns and corresponding increases in sales. 

“This move increases the resources behind the try-on technology, and enables Intervisual to focus on it,” said André, who is a member of Intervisual’s board of directors. “All the while it enables Embodee to further increase its already strong focus on virtual product experiences for customizable products.”

George said, “This is the perfect challenge for me at this stage of my career—build a new company uniquely equipped to solve the biggest problem with buying clothes online. And we’re already off to a fast start.”