Thumbs Up for Our CTO’s New Venture

We’re happy for our colleague, CTO George Borshukov, who’s changed focus to embark on some new and old challenges in the coming months! 

The details of George’s new focus are shrouded in stealth mode for now, but we’ll be sharing more with you–so stay tuned. What we can say is that while George will greatly reduce his time working for Embodee’s existing business, his main focus will be continuing to plumb the depths and possibilities of computer-enhanced visualization.

George joined the Embodee team in 2009 after having created innovations for the interactive entertainment industry as well as Academy Award-winning special effects for the motion-picture industry. 

“Credit for Embodee’s growth and success goes to our entire team, but George’s contributions were integral and absolutely essential, especially in the early years,” said CEO André Wolper. “We look forward to having him around the ‘hood and to helping him and his new company whenever we can.” 

André assumes the CTO role and will increase his involvement in the evolution of the company’s patented technology and services.

George said: “I’m proud of Embodee’s technological achievements, my contributions to them, as well as the team at Embodee. Pioneering is what I love to do, so I’m  looking forward to advancing visual technology yet again in new domains.”