Embodee’s CTO Accepts Second Academy Award

George Borshukov, flanked by co-winners Kim Libreri and Dan Piponi, thanks Academy

We’re raising our glasses to company CTO George Borshukov. On Feb. 7, he received more recognition for his visual effect breakthroughs for the movie industry–his second Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement.

“I haven’t been in the industry for 10 years,” he told the audience at a dinner awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California. “It’s so incredible that the Academy does the research…to look at these technologies and recognize them. It’s truly amazing.”

As we wrote in a news release last week, George and two former colleagues, Dan Piponi and Kim Libreri, were honored for developing Universal Capture, which enabled creating realistic virtual human faces of actors for the first time. The work, used in the two sequels to The Matrix, later inspired or contributed to development of other systems used in many movies and video games.

Embodee’s vivid 3D rendering of apparel and footwear isn’t the same technology that George helped to develop for Hollywood. But like Universal Capture for the movies, the company’s ground-breaking visual effects wizardry that he and our tech team created is enabling the apparel and footwear industries to do what they could never do before.